Solicitor's Permits that have been issued

A Solicitor's permit has been issued to:

DIRECT ENERGY (Alinka Noville, Mariah Brown, DeVaughn Mallory, Morgan Cook, Tifari Jackson, Jake Shelton, Jon McAndrews)

October 25-November 22, 2023 Monday through Friday from Noon to 7:30 pm


October 26 - November 30, 2023 Monday through Saturday from 10:30 am to 6:30pm

CLEAN WATER ACTION (Adrianna Bugliarello-Wondrich, Mitchell Donnelly, Mercedes Forsyth, Meg Jang, Zachary Hayes, Hallie Ingram, Ian Louda)

November 13 - December 31, 2023 Monday -Friday from  4PM - 9PM and Saturday 11AM - 7PM

THE LIMITLESS ORG/HELLO FRESH (Fernandez Gabriel Alberto, Jerrel Colough, Jasheer Williams, Cameron Murrell)

November 16 - December 31, 2023 Monday - Saturday from 2PM - 8PM