Arts in the Park

Media Borough’s parks and open spaces are well-loved havens for our community.  They provide beautiful green spaces for residents of all ages and abilities to meet each other, chat, relax, eat lunch and enjoy nature.  Media children have open space in which they can run and play.  Our parks encourage exercise and support the health of the community by providing close contact with nature and a destination for walkers, joggers and bicyclists.

The 2015 Media Borough Comprehensive Plan calls for developing more open green public space by creating pocket parks and converting paved over areas into landscaped plazas. These recommendations have the added benefit of increasing stormwater mitigation in the borough—allowing heavy rains to be absorbed and filtered through the soil instead of running off the pavement and drawing pollutants into our water supply.  Many of our parks incorporate infiltrative green infrastructure design such as bioretention basins (rain gardens) and tree trenches.

Our 2021 Open Space, Parks, Recreation and Bicycle Routes Plan offers a vision for Media as a network of parks, connected to each other not only by sidewalks and safe bike routes, but also by an robust ecological corridor of street trees, front and back yards and cultivated sidewalk strips.  The plan celebrates the efforts of borough residents, who, by converting portions of their lawns into native and pollinator gardens, strengthen these corridors and help restore the environmental health and biodiversity of our land and water.  A spring walk to the park through the streets of Media is like a walk through a linear garden.  The other seasons have their own beauty, not to be missed.

Visit a Media Borough park today and enjoy some time outside with your neighbors and friends!