Curbside Composting: Yard Waste & Food Composting

Media Borough encourages residents who have trash collected by Media Borough Public Works,  to participate in curbside composting of the yard and food waste. Composting saves the planet and saves money by keeping composted materials out of the incinerator and landfills and by reducing the amount of trash that is collected by the borough.

Read about curbside composting in the Media Borough Waste Manual (PDF).

Still, confused? Send us your questions via the Submit Your Questions about Curbside Composting form.

Do you live in media? Only Borough residents who also have trash collected by Media Borough Public Works can participate in our programs.  Check out the Borough Map (PDF) to see before calling. Thank you!

Read more about the curbside composting programs below:

Yard Waste

  • Yard Waste Program - Weekly collections are on Wednesdays.
  • Media Borough Public Works collects yard waste every Wednesday throughout the year. Collected materials include yard debris, trimmings, and leaves. 
  • Please do not put yard waste curbside until Tuesday evening or by 6 am on Wednesday morning.

Read more details on our yard waste page.

Food Compost Program

The Borough launched a pilot program to gauge the feasibility of adding food scrap collection to our current recycling efforts and the program is now available for all residents.

Learn more information on our Food Compost Program page.

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