"If you take out a trash can, you should also be taking out a recycling bin."

Residential Recycling in Media

Single Stream Recycling:

Residential recycling in Media Borough is "Single Stream." All the different recycled materials are collected and mixed together by our recycling contractor, B&L Disposal. In a single stream, both the collection and processing systems are designed to handle this fully mingled mixture of recyclables. If you have questions about recycling in Media, please contact the Borough at 610-566-5210, ext. 249.

Recycling Schedule

Media Borough recycles weekly. The west side of the Borough (Jackson Street and west) is collected on Tuesdays. The east side of the Borough (everyone east of Jackson Street) is collected on Thursdays. If collection falls on New Year's Day, Independence Day, or Christmas, the Recycling will be collected on the next scheduled recycling collection day.

All recyclables go in the bright green 32-gallon-sized Media Borough recycling container.

If your recycling is not collected please contact the Borough at 610-566-5210. You may also call our contracted hauler, B&L Disposal, directly at 484-326-9774.

How to Recycle

  • Recyclables are commingled in the recycling container.
  • Glass containers-remove lids and caps. Labels are okay. Rinse and place in the recycling container.
  • Metal containers-rinse and drain. Place in the recycling container.
  • Plastic containers-remove lids. Labels are okay. Rinse, and place in the recycling container. Flatten to save space.

Where to Recycle

Place the green Media Borough recycling bin at your curbside.

If You Miss a Curbside Collection: Glass, cans and plastic bottles may be taken to the recycling drop-off igloos located at Rose Tree Park and the Media Highway Department Garage off Brooke Street. The recyclables do not need to be sorted. Paper is collected at Abitibi Paper Retriever dumpsters at Media schools and other locations. Drop-off locations for cardboard and other materials may be found by going to the Earth 911 website.

Green Recycling Bins Available: Recycling Bins are available at the Media Borough Offices, second floor, Media Borough Hall. Stop by between 8:30 am to 4:30 pm to pick one up. The bins cost $5 (free for new residents). If you find you are recycling more than 32 gallons worth of recycling each week you may purchase additional bins.

Other Recycling Information