Business Recycling

Media Borough businesses are required to recycle as stated in Borough Code 241-37. See below for a list of items that businesses must recycle.

By both state and local law, all Media businesses are required to recycle and must arrange for their own recycling pickup. 

Media Borough Zero Waste Business

Please note the following if you own or lease to a business in Media:

  • Commercial landlords who provide waste pick-up for their tenants are required to also provide recycling pick-up.
  • Businesses are required to state annually how their recycling is collected, upon the borough's request. Businesses that do not recycle are subject to fines.
  • All trash haulers serving Media businesses are required by Borough policy to provide recycling services.
  • A list of haulers known to provide recycling services in Media may be found by viewing the 2021 Confirmed Recycling Haulers (PDF).
  • If a hauler wishes to be listed they must show evidence that they provide recycling services. Such evidence may include a municipal recycling tonnage collection report for the past calendar year or a copy of a current recycling contract with a Media business.

Media Borough thanks each of the businesses that have established recycling programs and are complying with the law, helping our community save money, reusing resources, and reducing landfill waste.

Tip: Businesses may partner with other businesses to negotiate their recycling / trash contract. The more you have on board, the more leverage you have for lower prices

View our Business Recycling FAQs for some common business recycling questions or contact us with your questions. We would be happy to help you establish your business recycling program.

These items should be recycled by Businesses within Media Borough:

  • Glass - Rinsed beverage and food containers, bottles, and jars: without lids or neckbands
  • Metals - Rinsed food and beverage containers, bottle caps, foil, cans, foil containers, jar lids
  • Plastics - Rinsed rigid plastic containers with triangle symbols Number 1 through Number 7. Please no Styrofoam or plastic bags
  • Shredded Paper - In a bag placed in your recycling bin
  • Paper - Newspaper, bags, catalogs, magazines, regular and junk mail, paperback books, food boxes, office paper, file folders, paper coffee cups
  • Tetra Pak / Food Packaging - Rinsed juice boxes, etc.
  • Cardboard - Rinsed milk cartons, dry food cartons, cardboard beverage carriers, paper towel and toilet paper rolls, paperboard boxes, corrugated and non-corrugated, only clean portions of pizza boxes please