Parking Kiosks & Parking App

Tips & Tricks for Using the Parking Kiosks in Media Borough

In 2019, Media Borough started to install kiosks within the borough to replace outdated meters. By now, most of our residents and visitors are used to the kiosks. However, there are a few tips that help make the user experience that much easier. 

View the Parking in Media Infographic (PDF).

Kiosk Instructions

When using the kiosk machines, please follow these steps:

  1. Press any button to wake the kiosk
  2. Follow the prompts on the kiosk and press any key to advance
  3. Enter your license plate number exactly as it appears WITH NO SPACES
  4. To pay with coins - Insert the amount of coins for the time you need for parking:, $.25 = 10 minutes, $1.50 in coins =1 hour
  5. To pay with credit card - Insert your credit card and remove it once authorized. Follow on screen instructions to add time
  6. Take your receipt with you. You do not need to display it in your car.

Passport Parking App

Don’t forget about the Passport Parking App!

Using Passport Parking is a simple and convenient way to pay, the following steps on how to use the app.

  1. Download the free app on your phone or device
  2. Enter zone number and license plate number
  3. Add payment information
  4. Start parking session

Once a session is started, users will be notified before their session ends, and can easily add more time from their smartphone without having to return to their vehicle. The app also houses information on previous parking sessions and receipts. 

Parking Permit Holders

Media Borough's parking permit system has been enhanced! Instead of applying for a physical permit in-person, drivers are be able to purchase digital permits online. Monthly, quarterly and annual permits will be available for General and Residential Meter permits on the new system. Hang tags will no longer be issued, your valid license plate number will serve as your permit.

Visit the Parking Permit Online System