Plastic Bags - Media Zero Waste

Media Environmental Advisory Council (EAC) hosted a virtual plastic bag ordinance information session to share resources and connect with other Delaware County municipalities interested in bag ban ordinances. Over 40 community members and organizations were in attendance including Media Business Authority (MBA) and representatives from 8 different Delaware County municipalities.

The program included speakers from PennEnvironment, Clean Air Council and West Chester Borough to provide insight on plastic ordinances in nearby communities, including Philadelphia and West Chester. The panel discussed the harms of plastic pollution, how and why bag bans are effective, and the important items to consider when writing an ordinance. It also provided helpful insight and resources on how to effectively communicate and implement bans.

With the best interests of the businesses in mind, Media EAC has been in communication with the MBA and will continue to solicit businesses for their input and cooperation. Media EAC is currently developing an ordinance to present to Borough Council.

To learn more about bag bans and why they are timely, please visit the Media Borough YouTube page to view the information session recording.

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