Single Use Plastic Bag & Straw Ordinance

As you may be aware, Media Borough enacted a Plastic Bag Ordinance in January of 2023.  Enforcement and/or fines will begin July 1, 2023. The plastic bag ordinance prohibits the use of plastic bags for customers. Straws may be made available upon customer request and for customers who may have a disability that requires use of a plastic straw. Wherever possible, customers should be encouraged to bring their own reusable (non-plastic) bag while shopping in Media Borough.

View the Approved Ordinance (PDF)

Business Owners

As part of the Plastic Bag Ordinance, businesses are required to display signage at your location to notify customers of the ordinance.

Enforcement of the Plastic Bag & Straw Ordinance began JULY 1, 2023.

Fines for non-compliance are as follows:

  • Fine of $50.00 for a first offense
  • Fine of $100.00 for a second offense
  • Fine of $300.00 for a third or any subsequent offense
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Bring a Bag in the Borough

Media Borough has drafted a marketing toolkit where the following are readily available for businesses to download and print:

Please reach out to Lori Devlin, Environmental Recycling Inspector, or Karen Taussig-Lux, Recycling Coordinator, with any questions: 610-566-5210

For other questions, we recommend perusing our Plastic Bag Ordinance Business Flyer (PDF)


  • Please bring a bag when shopping in Media Borough
  • Look for bag making events and other information about the ordinance

In July of 2022, Media Borough Council approved a single-use plastic (SUP) shopping bag and straw ordinance, in close collaboration with Media businesses and restaurants and the Media Business Authority.

Notable points of the proposal include:

  • Single-use plastic shopping bags (including bio-based  or compostable plastic) will no longer be offered to customers at Media businesses. Businesses may still provide plastic straws to customers who specifically request them.
  • Businesses can provide paper bags with a minimum 40% recycled paper stock or reusable bags. The goal is to encourage customers to bring their own reusable bags whenever they shop. Reusable bags made of cotton, jute or other natural fibers that are specifically designed and manufactured for multiple reuses are the best choice.
  • The ordinance timeline provides ample time for businesses to use up existing stock and find viable alternatives to SUP bags and straws; the ordinance goes into effect starting January 1, 2023.
  • Businesses have the option to add a 10-cent fee to a customer's receipt for the use of a paper bag. The purpose of the fee is to help support businesses with the added costs of switching to a paper bag and also to encourage consumers to bring their own bag, which is the goal of this ordinance.
  • Enforcement and fines for violations start July 1, 2023. A Commercial Establishment that violates or fails to comply with the ordinance requirements will receive an initial written warning notice. Subsequent violations would be subject to potential fines.