What types of bags are banned under the ordinance?
  • Single-use plastic bags, made of synthetic or plastic material, that are provided by a Commercial Establishment to a customer at or around the point of sale
  • Any bags created through a "blown film extrusion" process
  • Bio-based plastic bags: "bio-based" or "compostable" plastic is still partially composed of fossil-based plastic and contains similar amounts of toxicity

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1. Why a single-use plastic bag and straw ordinance in Media and why now?
2. How did this ordinance come about?
3. What types of bags are banned under the ordinance?
4. What straws would be banned under the ordinance?
5. Why are plastic bags so harmful?
6. What types of bags will businesses be able to provide?
7. What about the bag-fee?
8. What happens if my business fails to comply?
9. My business not only complies with the ordinance, but also has other sustainability initiatives to reduce waste. Can I be recognized for these efforts?
10. Where can my business or customers find more information on the ordinance?
11. What else can I do to reduce plastic pollution?