Proper Planting & Tree Care

Quick Tips on Planting Trees in Your Yard

  • Plant in cooler temperatures and water frequently to promote root growth.
  • The hole should be 2-3 times bigger than the root ball and as deep as the root ball.
  • The trunk flange should be partially visible after the tree is planted.
  • Pack the soil around the base of the tree to stabilize and to ensure there are no air gaps.
  • Stake and fertilize the tree as needed.

Correct Mulching

  • Correctly mulching is vital in promoting good tree growth!
  • A 2 to 4-inch layer of mulch is sufficient but ensure that the mulch is not piled up at the base of the tree with a 1-2-inch mulch-free area around its base.

Before Planting a Tree

Before planning to plant a tree, call 811 to ensure there are no underground utilities in the planting area.

Suitable trees for this area include:

  • Small (overhead utilities): Redbud, Serviceberry
  • Large no overhead utilities): Pin Oak, Willow Oak