Shade Trees

Shade Trees are available to borough residents for free!

Public Works works with the Shade Tree Commission to plant up to 35 trees per year on borough property in front of homes (this is the area between the street and the sidewalk). Trees are also available for resident's property upon request thanks to the Media Borough Shade Tree Commission and PHS Tree Tenders.

You may contact Public Works to request a tree to be planted in the spring or fall. Please keep in mind the following:

The area where the tree will be planted needs to be at least 3 feet from the sidewalk to the curb but if you are interested in a tree and think you may not have the room, Public Works can visit your location to view the space.

All trees are native and sized for the location taking into consideration overhead wires or other obstacles.

Residents are responsible for watering the tree. Public Works can provide water bags.

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