Animal Control

Reporting Lost or Found Dogs

  1. Having a current dog license is the best way to ensure a dog is returned to its owner. For details visit the Delaware County Pennsylvania Getting Your Dog License page.
  2. Anyone who finds a lost dog with a license can locate the owner by calling the Delaware County Treasurer's Office at 610-891-4276 during regular business hours to get the owner's information.
  3. If you find a lost dog and cannot locate the owner, contact the animal control officer in your municipality or call 911. Delaware County's Emergency Services dispatchers will keep a log of recently reported found and lost dogs.
  4. To report or reclaim a lost dog, call the Brandywine Vet Hospital at 610-459-0500, and provide detailed information. Stray dogs that cannot be returned to their owner will be transported to the Brandywine Vet Hospital by the local animal control officer. Citizen drop-off of stray animals will not be accepted.