Donation Requests (nonprofits)

Borough Donations to Non-Profit Organizations

Media Borough donates a small, but significant part of its annual operating budget to non-profits that have a significant impact on our community’s quality of life. If you are part of a community group that can demonstrate positive contributions to our residents and businesses, please review our policy, requirements and qualifications below to apply for a donation.

Please read the directions below and send completed documentation to BEFORE SEPTEMBER 28, 2023 at 3:00 PM 


This Policy outlines the process for non-profit organizations to request and receive donations from the Borough as approved by Borough Council.


The policy applies any donation request submitted to and approved by Borough Council as recommended by the Finance Committee of the Media Borough Council


The Finance Committee of Borough Council shall make recommendations to Borough Council on donations to non-profit organizations based on the public purpose/benefit to the taxpayers of the Borough. Such consideration shall include, but not limited to the review of the items below from each non-profit organization:

  • 2-year profit & loss (P&L) statements
  • Current year operating budget
  • Form 990 – Return of Organization Exempt from Income tax
  • Statement on how funds will be utilized
  • Mission statement
  • Breakdown of borough resident membership/participation
  • Statement on how funds will benefit borough residents
  • The donation shall not exceed more than 50% of the operating budget of the non-profit organization.

In order for a non-profit to be considered for a donation, they must abide by the Donations to Non-Profit Organization Policy and fully complete all requests for information as outlined. Any organization that does not provide all of the information requested risks rejection, delayed, or reduced funding.


  • The Finance Committee shall make a recommendation to Borough Council during their annual budget review.
  • Once Borough Council approves the donation request, the organizations will be notified in February of the donation amount Borough Council approved.
  • Donations $5,000 and under will be sent out April 1 st , donations greater than $5,000 will receive $5,000 April 1 st and the remainder July 1 st .