Why are plastic bags so harmful?
  • Litter and Costs: Plastic bags and straws are a main source of litter in the Borough. They are hazardous to drainage and sewer systems and creeks, and they clog up recycling sorting facilities-all of which drive up costs for the Borough.
  • Health Hazards: Plastics contain toxic chemicals, which pose risks to ecosystems, wildlife and human health. Single-use plastics are non-biodegradable products that do not undergo biological decomposition and break down into microparticles over time leaking into our soil and waterways. A 2021 PennEnvironment study found microplastic contamination in all of Delaware County's creeks. Microplastics are emerging as a serious health crisis as scientists understand their lasting impact on human health.
  • Climate Change: The entire lifecycle of plastics - from pre-production to disposal - expose people and ecosystems to toxic chemicals. Plastics are created using fossil fuels which contribute to greenhouse gas emissions. Items used for a few minutes of convenience pollute the environment for hundreds of years.

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1. Why a single-use plastic bag and straw ordinance in Media and why now?
2. How did this ordinance come about?
3. What types of bags are banned under the ordinance?
4. What straws would be banned under the ordinance?
5. Why are plastic bags so harmful?
6. What types of bags will businesses be able to provide?
7. What about the bag-fee?
8. What happens if my business fails to comply?
9. My business not only complies with the ordinance, but also has other sustainability initiatives to reduce waste. Can I be recognized for these efforts?
10. Where can my business or customers find more information on the ordinance?
11. What else can I do to reduce plastic pollution?