Sustainable Storefronts

Media Borough and the Media Business Authority invite businesses within the borough to apply for designation as a Sustainable Storefront. Please use the form below to apply.

Businesses who engage in sustainable practices and have completed the form will be eligible for the designation. Sustainable Storefronts will be listed on the Media Borough website with a link to the business's website. Additionally, they will be provided with marketing materials and a window cling for display at their location.

The Media Borough Business Recycling Inspector or another representative of the borough will visit your place of business periodically to verify your status as a Sustainable Storefront.

Apply to be designated a Sustainable Storefront in Media Borough!

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    You MUST practice at least 5 of the sustainability tips listed below to qualify as a Sustainable Storefront.

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  5. Participate in Recycling or Food Composting:

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  6. Provide Sustainable To-go Packaging Options:

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  7. Use Durable Goods for Onsite Dining:

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  8. Reduce Energy Consumption:

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  9. Implement Sustainable Purchasing & Disposal Practices:

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