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Public Engagements

The public engagement process included events and opportunities to understand land use and development in Media, and provided opportunities to share your input with the project team and Borough. These included:

  • Public Meetings: The project team held a series of presentations at public meetings, aimed at developing a working understanding and vocabulary around land use and zoning. 
  • Walk and Talk: Community members had the opportunity to walk around Media, talk with project staff, and take pictures of buildings, building elements, street elements, and landscaping. This process and the images themselves helped guide people in sharing their ideas about what works and what doesn’t in the Borough. In Workshop 1, we utilized these images to inform our conversations about what to regulate (and what not to).
    • Saturday, October 2, 2022 - Media Upper Providence Free Library (Outdoor Patio Space) or Virtual. 
  • Workshop 1: This workshop followed the Walk and Talk. Participants learned more about FBCs and helped identify the key elements which should be regulated in Media. The photos from the Walk and Talk were important elements of this activity.
  • Workshop 2: The focus of this workshop was to collaboratively develop the code itself. Here, community members weighed in on the function and structure of the code. Participants were able to continue developing a working knowledge of form-based regulations, while increasing their vocabulary and understanding of how different tools work.