Project Goals

A Hybrid Form-Based Code for Media Borough will focus on residential development in the Borough. The zoning update will be guided by the Borough’s land use goals as identified in the Comprehensive Plan. During this project, the following Comprehensive Plan goals will be examined to determine if they are still relevant and, if so, how they can be implemented through the zoning ordinance:

  1. Allow for additional density and building height in areas served by public transit and good roadway access.
  2. Create design guidelines for architecture, streetscape, signs, and lighting and re-evaluate the existing landscape ordinances.
  3. Work with the private sector to identify development types responding to market demand and ensure the zoning ordinance is accommodative of these development types while also complementing the Borough’s quality of life.

In addition, the development of the Hybrid Form-Based Code will be guided by other goals in the Comprehensive Plan that have land-use implications. This will ensure the new ordinance will support the Borough’s transportation, economic development, historic preservation, and open space goals. Those goals include:

  1. Promote energy conservation and green construction in new buildings or renovations with appropriate incentives in the zoning ordinance and building permits. (Energy and Resource Conservation)
  2. Promote a mix of residential dwelling unit types and respond to residential development trends. (Economic Development)
  3. Encourage the preservation and protection of Media’s residential neighborhoods. (Historic Preservation)
  4. Support the protection of scattered historic resources. (Historic Preservation)
  5. Seek parking efficiencies. (Transportation)
  6. Promote “greening” of the Borough through expansive planting of street trees. (Parks, Open Space, and Natural Areas)

 The code will also be informed by the Borough’s many previous planning efforts including, but not limited to, parking studies, Economic Development Strategy and Implementation Plan, Bicycle Plan, and Transportation Plan.