NPDES Phase II is a stormwater management program focused on preventing stormwater pollution. The Borough of Media, as an operator of a storm sewer system, holds a MS4 permit that requires participation in the NPDES program. The program addresses stormwater pollution from construction, new development, illegal dumping to the storm sewer system, and pollution prevention and good housekeeping practices in municipal operations. It also continues to educate the community and get everyone involved in making sure the only thing that stormwater contributes to our water is... uncontaminated water! Rain Barrell

One of the most important ways you can get involved in protecting our water supply is by reporting activities you observe that you think will harm the storm sewer system. In case of a stormwater emergency, please contact Media Borough at 610-566-5210 or the Southeast Pennsylvania Regional Office of the Department of Environmental Protection at 484-250-5900.

Further Information on Stormwater

The Borough of Media has distributed two informational brochures entitled "When it Rains, it Drains" and "Stormwater, Trees and our Drinking Water" (funded by a generous grant from the League of Women Voters of Pennsylvania Citizen Education Fund - Water Resources Education Program). See the following links. Also, see our resources for other stormwater outreach information. More information regarding the protection of our stormwater system can be obtained by contacting the U.S. EPA Office of Wastewater Management at 202-564-9545.

Install Rain Barrels

Every time it rains, run-off from your home flows into storm drains and sewers. Those drains flow into nearby rivers and streams. Run-off from your driveway, yard and roof picks up lawn chemicals, oil and trash. You can stop run-off with a rain barrel, which is connected directly to your downspout. Installing rain barrels holds back the flood, reduces pollution and provides a source of cost-free fresh water for lawns and gardens. See helpful links regarding rain barrels.

Rain Gardens

Rain gardens are planted areas designed to soak up rain water draining from a roof or other impervious surface. They allow significantly more water to soak into the ground than conventional patches of lawn.  Collectively, individual homeowners can protect drinking water supplies and local streams and enhance biodiversity by installing rain gardens on their properties.

Two rain gardens have been installed on the Media Borough Hall grounds, in front of the stone cottage on the Fourth Street side of Borough Hall. The gardens were planted with the assistance of the Chester-Ridley-Crum Watersheds Association with funding from the Boeing Community Fund.  For more information on rain gardens view our CRC Rain Garden Brochure (PDF).

Media Borough Stormwater Master Plan

See Media Borough's Stormwater Master Plan, adopted by Borough Council August 2017.