Media Solar

Media Borough has installed nine solar arrays on municipal and partner buildings over the past ten years.  Learn more about Solar in Media (PDF)Solar Energy on the Rise in Media Borough

View a map (PDF) showing the original locations of solar arrays installed by the borough. Four of these arrays, from the school, the library, the fire house and the Sweney Building  are currently in the process of being relocated to other borough buildings.

In addition, 34 solar arrays have been installed on residential and commercial properties over the last 10 years. Learn more about the Solarize Greater Media project.  

How Does Solar Work? 

View a simple diagram (PDF).

Media is a SolSmart Bronze Designee

Media Borough has received a Bronze designation from the national SolSmart program for making it faster, easier, and more affordable for homes and businesses to go solar.  Find more information on the SolSmart program.

Installing a Solar Array on Your Property

The Solar Permitting Process

The permitting and inspection processes for solar panels in Media Borough are straightforward and are exactly the same as for any other building project, beginning with the completion of the Media Borough Building Permit (PDF) and Electrical Permit (PDF) applications.  In order to process your permit application in an expeditious manner you must submit all of the required fees and information regarding your proposal. Incomplete applications will take significantly longer to process. 

View more information on Media Borough Permits.  

Important Contractor Information

  • All contractors involved with the project must be registered with e-Collect Plus, LLC for the current year.  
  • Building contractors must provide a Certificate of Insurance in the name of Media Borough
  • Electrical contractors must show evidence of electrician licensure from community in which licensed.

View the Media Borough Solar Permitting Checklist (PDF).

Design Guidelines for Solar PV

The following is a list of links to guides for different types of solar projects: Sol Smart Bronze