Recycling and Waste

Recycle can

“If you take out a trash can, you should be taking out a recycling bin.”


Single Stream Recycling 

Recycling in Media Borough is “Single Stream.”  All the different recycled materials are collected mixed together by our recycling contractor, J.P. Mascaro.  In single stream, both the collection and processing systems are designed to handle this fully mingled mixture of recyclables, with materials being sorted later for reuse at the ReCommunity Recycling facility.


Residential Recycling in Media

Media Borough recycles weekly. The west side of the Borough (everyone west of Jackson Street) is collected on Tuesdays. The east side of the Borough (everyone east of Jackson Street) is collected on Thursdays. If collection falls on New Year's Day, Independence Day or Christmas, the Recycling will be collected the following day.  

All recyclables go in the bright green 32 gallon-sized Media Borough recycling container. 

If your recycling is not collected please contact the Borough.  You may also call our contracted hauler, J.P. Mascaro, directly at 610-272-2765.

Where to Recycle: Place the green Media Borough recycling bin at your curbside.

If You Miss a Curbside Collection:  Glass, cans and plastic bottles may be taken to the recycling drop-off igloos located at Rose Tree Park and the Media Highway Department Garage off Brooke Street.  The recyclables do not need to be sorted.  Paper is collected at Abitibi Paper Retriever dumpsters at Media schools and other locations (see  Drop-off locations for cardboard are Waste Management, 408 S. Oak Avenue, Primos and the Skatium on Manoa and Eagle Roads in Havertown.  If you have questions about recycling in Media, please contact the Borough at 610-566-5210, ext. 239.

Green Recycling Bins Available: Recycling Bins are available at the Media Borough Offices, second floor, Media Borough Hall.  Stop by between 8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m. to pick one up.  The bins cost $5.00 (free for new residents).   If you find you are recycling more than 32 gallons worth of recycling each week you may purchase additional bins.

What to Recycle:

  • Glass:  Bottles, jars, food and beverage containers (clear, green and brown)—rinse thoroughly; remove lids and neck bands
  • Metals:  Aluminum and metal food and beverage cans, loose metal jar lids, steel bottle caps, foil—rinsed
  • Plastics:  All rigid plastic containers with triangle symbols #1 through #7—rinsed (no plastic bags)
  • Paper:  newspaper, magazines, catalogs, brochures, regular & junk mail, greeting cards, paperback books, old telephone books, paper bags, food boxes, office paper, file folders
  • Shredded paper must be placed in a clear plastic bag and set out next to your recycling bin
  • Cardboard:  corrugated & non-corrugated (including pizza boxes and milk cartons), paper towel rolls, dry food cartons, cardboard beverage carriers, paperboard boxes—please flatten all boxes.
  • Aseptic packaging/Tetrapak (juice boxes, etc.)--rinsed

No Need to Remove:  Paper clips, staples, metal fasteners, stamps, labels & address labels, cellophane, address windows, rubber bands, spiral bindings, plastic tabs

PLEASE DO NOT RECYCLE: • Plastic bags, plastic food wrap, other plastics not listed above, any plastic without a triangle & number • Paint, pesticides, motor oil, antifreeze & cleansers and their containers • Hazardous waste • VHS/VCR tapes • Straws • Plastic flatware (including “compostable” flatware) • Sheets of stickers or address labels • Waxed paper & cardboard • Packing material without a numbered triangle symbol • Scrap metal  •  Styrofoam food containers • Disposable diapers • Soiled paper towels or tissue paper • Organic material or food waste • Textiles, fabric, or clothing • Ceramics, chinaware porcelain or Pyrex dishware • Toys • Liquids • Mirrors • Window glass • Light bulbs • Batteries • Syringes/Needles • Computers, electronic equipment, phones • Hard cover books • Hangers • Any household item (such as toasters, cooking pots or pans, etc.) 

How to Recycle:

Recyclables are commingled in the recycling container.

  • Glass containers-remove lids and caps. Labels are okay. Rinse and place in recycling container.
  • Metal containers-rinse and drain. Place in recycling container.
  • Plastic containers-remove lids. Labels are okay. Rinse, place in recycling container. Flatten to save space.

Other Recycling Options:

Recycle Your Car:

The Car Donation Wizard website will connect with any one of a long list of not-for- profit charities that accept cars as donated contributions. All donations are tax deductible.  Go to  

Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs:

  • Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Delaware County Solid Waste Authority, Rose Tree Park – Hunt Club, 1521 N. Providence Road (Route #252), Media.  
  • Any Delaware County Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) Collection Events (see
  • Home Depot or Lowes stores


  • Radio Shacks—rechargeable batteries only
  • Target – all batteries: alkaline, rechargeable, lithium
  • Lowes- all batteries: alkaline, rechargeable, lithium
  • Home Depot stores—rechargeable tool batteries only

Cell Phones:

  • Delaware County libraries
  • Delaware County Solid Waste Authority, Rose Tree Park – Hunt Club, 1521 N. Providence Road (Route #252), Media.  
  • Any Delaware County Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) Collection Events (see
  • Media Elementary School

Televisions, Computers and other Electronics:

  • Staples (Computers only)
  • Best Buy (tube TVs 32" or less, computers, other electronics, wires, cords & cables, jewel cases.  For a complete list, click here.)
  • Commonwealth Computer Recycling (Aston)
  • Microcenter
  • Salvation Army Family Store - (working TVs only)


Textiles, fabric, or clothing:

  • Goodwill
  • Purple Heart/Green Drop*
  • Salvation Army

These charities re-sell used clothes at a low price with profits going to charitable causes.  If items are too damaged to be re-used as clothing they are sold to the rag industry, which re-purposes the fabric to a variety of products.

* Green Drop is a business hired by Purple Heart to collect items for its charitable goals.

Air Conditioners:

1.  Arrange for the Borough to have the Freon drained for a $15 fee, and pick it up as bulk trash, or,

2.  Call a plumber, have them drain the Freon and place the appropriate yellow tag on it so it can be collected as bulk trash, or,

3.  Take it to Ridge Metals (for a fee), 407 Alan Wood Road (near IKEA), Plymouth Meeting; 610-828-5553, or, 

4.  Have H & R Trucking come to your house and pick it up for a fee.  Leave a message at 610-833-2836.

Recycling Other Items:  

The website offers a comprehensive directory of local recycling and proper disposal options for a variety of materials, including hard-to-recycle items such as fluorescent tubes.  Hit the "Recycle Search" tab at the top of the home page.

Hazardous Household Waste Collection:

The Delaware County Solid Waste Authority collects Hazardous Household Waste four times a year, running from 9:00 a.m. to 3 p.m. at each event.  They do not accept latex paint or electronics.  See their website at for more information.   

Recycling FAQs

Q: Why do I not sort my recyclables, and why do they all go into one truck that looks just like a trash truck?
A: We do not have to sort our recycling because J. P. Mascaro, the Borough's recycling hauler, uses "single stream" recycling, whereby all materials are put in the same truck and then sorted at the recycling facility. Single stream recycling goes into one container making it is easier for residents to collect.  And, recycling trucks do look like just like trash trucks.

Q: How is single stream recycling processed?
A: Our materials are taken to a recycling facility where they are sorted by state-of-the-art recycling equipment and sold to various industries to be made into new products.  Currently, J.P. Mascaro hauls to Recommunity Philadelphia, 2904 Ellsworth Street, Philadelphia, PA,  For a virtual guided tour of Recommunity's materials recovery facility, go to  

To keep the recycling process strong it is important to purchase products that are made from recycled materials. The Media Borough office uses recycled office paper and purchases other recycled office products whenever possible.

Q: How successful is Media's recycling program?
A: Approximately 70% of Borough residents recycle. That is an excellent rate. In 2015 this amounted to 644.6 tons, not including recycled yard waste. Reported commercial recycling in 2015 was 1035.8 tons. Residential and commercial recycling tonnage have both risen over the last 10 years, with residential seeing a 76% increase in that time.  Commercial has only seen a 27% increase, but we expect to see a greater increase in the next few years.

It is important that we continue to increase our recycling. Studies have shown that most households and businesses could double the recycling they now put out for collection. Recycling improves our overall environment and offers many other benefits.

Q: What are the benefits of recycling?
A: Recycling benefits our whole community in many ways. It pulls materials out of the waste stream and reuses them, decreasing pollution, lowering our carbon footprint and conserving the raw materials--paper, plastic, glass, metal--that would have been used to create a new item. We also benefit financially; waste that is diverted to recycling saves Media Borough $33 per ton in tip fees to the Delaware County incinerator,  the Delaware Valley Resource Recovery facility (operating as Covanta Delaware Valley, L.P., located in Chester).  Also, by participating in the PA DEP's 904 Municipal Recycling Program Performance Grant program, the Borough is reimbursed between $20,000 to $30,000 per year, depending on the tonnage of our recycling. In 2013 our award was $27,927. This reimbursement supports our recycling program, and keeps taxpayer costs down. The more we recycle, the more we profit.

If you have questions about recycling in Media, please contact the Borough at 610-566-5210.

Business Recycling

By both state and local law, all Media businesses are required to recycle and must arrange for their own recycling pickup. 

Commercial landlords who provide waste pick-up for their tenants must also provide recycling pick-up. 

Businesses are required to state annually how their recycling is collected.  Businesses that do not recycle are subject to fines.

Apartment Recycling

Apartment buildings in Media Borough are required by state law and local ordinance to recycle.  The Borough will collect recycling at any rental apartment building with 4 dwelling units or less.  If you live in such an apartment building and are not currently recycling please stop by the Borough offices and pick up a green Media recycling bin.  See above for the Media Borough recycling schedule 

If you live in an apartment of 5 dwelling units or more and your landlord does not offer recycling, please request that your landlord provide that service. If recycling is still not provided please contact the Borough at 610-566-5210. 

Until recycling is established at your apartment, you may take recyclables to the drop-off Igloos located at Rose Tree Park and the Media Highway Department Garage off Brooke Street.  The Igloos accept glass, cans and plastic bottles, and you do not need to sort.  You may recycle paper at the Abitibi/Paper Retriever dumpsters at Media schools and other locations ( and click on the pushpin nearest you).  Thank you for your recycling efforts!