Keystone Collection Group and e-Collect Plus LLC

Keystone Collections Group is serving as the Earned Income Tax and Local Services Tax Collector.

Businesses must report the employee tax withholdings to Keystone to:

on-line, or by mail to:

Keystone Collections Group
546 Wendel Road
Irwin PA 15642

Call Toll-free to 1-(855-697-3516)

Self-employed individual taxpayers may also file on-line at:


e-Collect Plus LLC is serving as the tax collector for the Business Privilege and Mercantile Taxes.

e-Collect Plus, 804 Fayette Street, Conshohocken, PA 19428                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

Call Toll-free to 1-866-225-0033, ext. 700