Resources for Media Businesses


Media supports existing businesses and invites new businesses to town.  In this section, we provide access to resources that can help you  run a successful business in Media.

Business Directory

A complete listing of area businesses is provided here.


Major utilities covering area businesses are provided here.

Low Interest Loans for Media Businesses
The Borough of Media and the Media Business Authority, in conjunction with area banks are offering low interest loans to Media businesses for facade enhancements (front/rear), installation of a sprinkler system, and/or replacement of sidewalks in order to stimulate economic growth and preserve the architectural character and integrity of Media's business district.

Six Media banks are participating, offering a preferred interest rate. Please contact Jeffrey A. Smith, Borough Manager, at 610-566-5210, ext. 242, or for more information.

2015 Media Borough Comprehensive Plan 

This 10 year plan covers the entire operation operation of the Borough:  open space, land use, economic development and safety. 

Strategic Plan for Downtown Media (1999)

Although somewhat dated, here is a copy of a plan commissioned by the Borough to Urban Engineers and The Atlantic Group to analyze current conditions and to prescribe measures to achieve those ends. The goal of the plan was to determine how Downtown Media could function most effectively for its citizens, commercial property owners, business operators and regional consumers.  Many of these suggestions have been implemented but the plan provides a context for where Media was and where it has been going.